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Happy New Year! Welcome Back!
January 18, 2009

Happy New Year! We are back after having a nice holiday vacation spent amongst family and friends.

The Bantay Balita also welcomed a new baby boy to its family around the week of Christmas for our Chief Editor Rey Dalay and his wife.

My daughter and I are finally very pleased to say that we are finally making positive progress with our adoption.

I had so many invitations for celebrating with our readers and our fans that I am glad to say that I was able to attend some 18 Christmas parties this year the most I have ever attended in any place in my entire life.

In just a few short days Americans and I am sure many people from all over the world will be witnessing my countries first ever elected black man to be inaugurated as President of the United States.

I feel pretty cool about it and have been asked by a few people here in Bohol about my opinion on having a black man as our president and how will he do as president?

I am fair in my answer, I say to them and you that “We must give him an active chance and not judge him in any way yet as he has not been sworn in as president yet.

It is said that already all hotels are booked up in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas as well.

An estimated 2 million people will be live in person to see the inauguration in person.

I welcome him and his vibrancy and what seems like so far intelligent ways as our 56th President of the United States of America to be sworn in this coming Jan, 20th 2009 starting at 6:00 o’clock PM Eastern Time.

Here locally that would be 7:00 o’clock AM January 21st. It can be watched on Fox New Network or Cable Network News (CNN).

Media Talk Straight From the Heart
December 28, 2008

The owners of this paper want things exposed that are not good so that the people are able to be more aware of what types of things are going on.

It’s been truthfully a relief to write in a print outlet with people who are very bright, talented and do not take advantage of their co-workers.

The publisher does not believe in making a paper that is about hiding or keeping things from the public for his personal gain.

He wants you the readers to be properly informed of things that are happening both locally and abroad.

In Jappil Bantay Balita newspaper as a writer I myself have been able to expose and get things out in the open that no other media man has ever dared to do.

Take For example the the case of the Ex-Mayor of Panglao versus Alex Dasco who admitted that he was a false witness in a recent rape case and my interview with the Provincial Director and the type of questions I asked on him, abruptly after the interview even though I mentioned that I would be recording him it just somehow slipped through his thick skull and he held my cell phone still wrapped around my neck and made sure the interview had been deleted!

I have yet to receive an apology from him because he really should not have reacted so mean towards the media in that incident.

We attend seminars with PNP members and we stress as well as they do that the media and police need to cooperate and help each other.

I would rather record the interview and quote thing correctly word for word versus not writing it correctly.

I am gratefull for having the support of the local media that told me they could never perform such a brave interview with him and that he should not treat media the way how he did to me.

I am kind and I care about what is really the truth. My topics have actually been amazing even with other media.

I am one who calls a spade a spade and I do not care who or what your title is when I have caught you and cornered you and questioned you.

People here need to stop worrying about how others may think. It’s totally okay to dare and be different and stand up for a resolution to improve a certain problem.

I want that things be made into a positive rather then into a negative. Another media peeve is when it should be about solutions to the problems but the gripe ends up being about the public officials’ attitude versus how he plans to fix a problem…Acks!

If you think you can put up with the constant people needing assistance and working on many problems both small and big remember we are just humans and can handle so much at a time.

Get off someone’s back be a friend and help how you can assist the problems instead of getting in the way and hindering things from getting done on time and in the right way.

PR Manager denies incident happening on Flight 5J-619
December 14, 2008

A Cebu Pacific passenger jet with flight number 5J-619 coming from Manila’s new NAIA domestic airport delivering tourist and Boholanos back to this province for the Christmas Season had lost its power inside the plane’s cockpit control panel just before take off last Tuesday, December 9th 2008 while on the runway.

What should have been a normal plane flight turned out traumatic and scary for some of the flights passengers.

This writer just happened to be on that flight that arrived almost two hours late as scheduled into the Tagbilaran City Airport.

After being fully booked, including some seats which were having two passengers booked together at one time had settled down, the jet was ready to be pushed out to the tarmac where the captain had begun taxing towards the runway for take off.

When the captain started to prepare the plane’s wings for take off, he had noticed the plane was having mechanical difficulty.

The plane was not performing due to the controls mechanical failure. At the last minute before gaining speed for the planes lift off he announced over the cabin public address system that the plane was going to be towed back to the terminal due to mechanic failure.

He said he was also sorry for the delayed incident and any inconveniences brought to passengers for the problems.

The captain told his passengers that he would keep them informed of what was going on.

The captain did not reveal any information as in regards to what had happened that made him want to turn the plane around.

The tow truck came and towed us back to the terminal and instructed the passengers to stay seated while two mechanics went inside the plane’s cockpit to work on the plane’s failed control panel for some time.

The cabins air pressure was released outside of the plane once the door hatches opened up.

After listening to one family’s concerns that had traveled all the way from Calgary Canada and were visiting Bohol for the first time, said that it would be better to transfer the passengers to another plane that is not having questionable mechanical failure problems versus taking a gamble on our lives if something would have failed while in air.

As a passenger on this flight I had taken it upon myself to ask the stewardess (flight attendant) what exactly was the mechanical problem.

On the way, Anna, a tourist from the country of Austria also for the first time here to experience Bohol was seen shaking in her seat leaning against her plane window.

She asked me what is going with wide eyes and red nervous blotchy spots on her face and neck, she told me she was scared and wanted to be transferred and did not want to try and fly in the plane with possible failure again.

Once I got the news out of the airlines flight attendant I turned around and addressed the planes passengers what the attendant had told me.

The passengers smiled and thanked me for informing them. The passengers were not given drinks or snacks or an option to transfer to another plane.

When I reached Tagbilaran City I went to the sub ticket agent next to the new Dunkin Donut outlet and explained to them what had happened on the flight.

The ticket agent asked me if we were transferred to another plane. When the Bohol Media contacted the Manila Cebu press release manager regarding the planes incident RG Orence later denied any such incident happening with their plane that day.

No Yaya Ever Wiped My Butt!
November 23, 2008

I often think how my life would be now if I had been raised around cooks and helpers all my life, like what you have here.

I recently seen the results especially to women who have someone else other than family members to cook and clean around them while they were a child growing up.

This handicaps women later on in life who are old enough to have relationships that end up turning into a marriage.

I have just experienced preparing foods for a family and it was like trying to pull a stubborn horse by a lead rope with one of my friends.

He complained that he did not have the experience or know how to be able to help in a kitchen and just turned into his middle 20’s this week.

His job was to simply chop up vegetables to help prepare for the main dishes I was making that night.

His brother’s girlfriend when asked by her boyfriend to help me cook foods just stood there clueless with both hands in her pockets watching me because he wanted her to learn how to do something in the kitchen.

Well anyways I was not surprised by her lack of interest or unwillingness to learn anything from the kitchen.

She is set in her ways by now and has had been raised around helpers and cooks all her life up until present so she is like most other older women in their twenties, they just sit at home watching dramas all day and night and when around their lovers they are “malambing” and end up doing what they do best around here and that is just to be impregnated without any amount of thinking ahead.

A perfect example is just to get pregnant before having work or a house to provide for the kids.

To be a mother requires a lot, she must know how to do a lot of things around the house, in the community, and know how to solve problems and think ahead for what is best for her and her family.

I was one who was not into other dramas such as those on television, hell why should I have been?

I have my own drama in real life that I need to balance in life. To be able to make and have children of your own, it means that you must deserve and earn your way to have them so as to be prepared for their needs.

A kid needs their parents not proxies such as helpers or yayas. Good positive attention is always the basis for a well rounded head and a balanced attention and behavior span.

I have always cooked in a kitchen whether it was one I had seen for the first time or one that I am familiar with it does not matter, I was a girl scout and mom was a great cook and a teacher and I can adapt easily to any situation.

Even though mom and dad had to run the busy long time family business and I being on the rock bottom of eight siblings we helped our parents out by doing chores and not having to be told how to take care of the house.

It is not a child abuse it is teaching how to be responsible and clean. What about parental abuse when the kid is so spoiled that if he does not get his way he tells off his parents and friends?

Do you see the picture that is being created here? Some kids think they can have a silver platter handed to them always and it makes them think they are better than those who were not raised by helpers and cooks.

Parents need to go back to being parents.

What holds us back?
November 9, 2008

When we identify so much with our surroundings and the relationships that we have had with them, we naturally feel that they have always been a part of us and a loss or lack of these environments and bonds cannot only be disorienting but can also lead to much violence.

Since we have been so used to these surroundings and relationships, we tend to take them with us wherever we go, whether we are aware of it.

Being in the center for too long may be isolating if it leads to walls growing around a person or idea of us and then crops up.

Everything that lies outside that center would be perceived as a blinding and deafening “them” that can also be alienating.

Change can be perceived as a dangerous rattling of skeletons. The center becomes rigid until it becomes every picture of the tyrant within.

Scaring and troubling scaring itself because of “Them.” Let us call it a family!
One good global example is Osama bin Laden posing a threat to the Western world, world peace, and security as much as he does to fellow Muslims only a minority of whom support terrorist attacks.

All Islamic governments are against these acts. Some Muslims say terrorist behavior immediately causes the perpetrators to stray from Islam and that they cannot be considered Mohamed’s followers anymore because the prophet forbids such acts, including the killing of innocent civilians and unarmed civilians.

It happens like the forbidden teen pregnancy and how this is almost every parents nightmare.

But it happens and out the window goes what had been told sons and daughters.

All promises, vows, morally, values and scolding’s fall short before the eventual delivery of the newborn.

This innocent tyrant within a young woman who will spell change for everybody even before it transforms her body and the biological system that works round-the-clock.

The in-laws arrive and in fundamental fashion both families are up in arm, watching out for “terrorist attacks.”

With the union of son and daughter, both sides come to realize that their riches have been “manipulated” and left for disarray. \

Written with much conviction and though, in order not to offend anyone but instead to let aware for others that you’re not in this alone as a parent when it comes to this matter.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. -Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Royal Country to Inlude Sex and Drug Teaching for Kids
October 26, 2008

I really was mistaken when I thought Philippines was not so much up with teaching its students about reproductive health and sex education.

The country of England is now the country way behind times when I come across an article saying that they will start teaching such courses to students.

According to news from BBC officials, the government is expected to announce later that sex and relationship lessons will be made compulsory in primary and secondary schools in England.

A review was ordered after ministers branded teaching on the issue “patchy”.
Currently, it is only compulsory to teach children about the biology of reproduction and changing bodies.

Which is standard teaching in how they teach this subject in America ? A BBC poll of more than 1,000 people found that 87% would support a change in approach, as long as teaching did not begin at too young an age.

We were at age nine and in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades when the subject was introduced to me in school for the first time. (America)

It is not yet clear exactly what will be taught to each year group, but some reports suggest five-year-olds could receive some level of sex education.

No way in my day would this have been accepted? We also were required to have parental permission slips signed before we could take that portion of the health lesson.

Both the boys and the girls were separated from each other. The government’s review which is still not reported yet is suppose to be published at the same time as one on drugs education in schools.

Times have really changed as drugs were not even considered to be a part of the lesson plan while I was attending school during what is now looked at as generation X era.

In England some drugs are listed as a class C drug and have sights setup in town where you can actually smoke marijuana in down town establishments.

The inquiries were announced in December last year as part of the Children’s Plan.

The government has said it recognizes that sexual experimentation in early adolescence can expose young people to risks.

Poo Poo “too” Cell Phones
October 19, 2008

CP STANDS FOR “Crap Phone” or “Cell Phone.” I am writing about my personal experiences and opinions regarding such an instrument.
I am not happy on the day that I am writing this.

In fact when I had received the latest news regarding the last cell phone incident it took me until the next day to fall asleep and I just awakened about three hours ago and the time is now almost 11pm in the night.

The latest incident goes like this; Friend wants a cell phone and a mahal one at that, but friend has a job away in Manila and promises to make cell phone installments but for the last month and a half there has not been such a payment as always there is an excuse for not having to pay but my how odd this person has money and time to attend to basketball games.

Anyways the cell phone was paid for from the last installment. This particular phone in America is also considered expensive for Americans.

I warned this person not to get involved with such a large commitment and that this type of cell phone causes problems and everyone wants it and will try to take it at no extent and no remorse of contempt.

Well last Monday morning during the wee hours I received a text that my friend whom promised me installments was at a concert event and had been help up.

Which at that time his phone was still will with him? What makes this sad is that was my adoption case money I had saved up and I was planning to put the payments back into the savings.

The person was robbed again twice in one week and the second time at a basketball game.

Again I was sent a text that the N95 was stolen. “Heavy Sigh” he told me he will stay pay me back he is honest times are hard.

Another cell phone incident was when another friend now X-friend borrowed my cell phone valued around P4th but I told him no several times and he insisted for his type of work.

Well when time came to return it, he was hiding from me and one month later confessed it was broken?

I could never borrow or make promises for material things, if I was given advice as to why we shouldn’t get involved with things that we can not afford to replace.

I feel terrible for my friend in the first incident but I warned him always about his phone and how the people are here when in crisis.

The young man comes from a great family and has a good attitude about his church and God and I can count on him to keep up with his responsibility.

To all you thieves out there hope you’re happy with hurting people who work honest and hard for what they have for you to just come and take away from them.

Your Karma is coming and do not think it is not.

Foreign Tourist Looking for Love in Bohol (Part 4 tourism)
October 12, 2008

You would have to laugh this column topic off if you are I and you’re the one to come up with ways on how to write this and keep my foreign male friends guts from hitting rock bottom down to they’re little tootsies!

When I told them that I was writing on this subject about foreigners mingling with Boholanas/Boholonos they were begging me not to write it (They are afraid that it might take away from they’re happy go lucky life here whatever that could be in what is considered to be a very conservative place?)

I have been out in the field as busy as rat in a cage that pants while running on his squeaky wheel.

When looking for love or simply being able to pass the good time while away from one’s own home country.

The hardest thing for any foreigner to hurdle over at first is when it comes to being in another culture totally different then the one they left behind back at home.

I know most of us have seen an older man (gramp’s) with a lady much younger then his own age.

We immediately think negative about this scenario in which we speculating that Gramps’ does not have much time to live and the pretty little young thing just want’s his money and insurance after he is gone?

No! In fact that is not what is going on at all! A majority of foreign men I spoke with here in Bohol who some are already domesticated told me they like being with much younger women here because back in they’re own country of origin they are not even looked at by younger ladies.

Instead they are looked at by older women that do not bring out the youth in them.

Here they feel younger at heart and younger in body and mind. Some foreign men complain that it is hard to find a woman who is not marriage minded before consenting to sex.

Some men complain that it is hard to make conversation with some women here and that they would like it even more if the women would show some character and not just sit across the table like a little quiet grandma type.

Some foreigners here are having wives here or have live in partners and some of them have secret hobbies away from the house that may involve a little promiscuity on the side.

Now on the other side when it comes to female foreign tourist or one’s who are domesticated here.

The ladies who come here are mostly involved with peace corp., or ministry work or they assisting with new churches opening up here.

The young single foreigner girls before coming to the Philippines say they are warned during part of they’re training back home about avoiding relationships with Filipino men because of the poverty and are warned that this could turn into being taken advantage of and this would eventually cause such relationships becoming abused.

The foreign ladies who have begun to trust often end up finding out sooner or later that they run out of persons whom to trust.

And truly even those who think they are in a relationship it often ends up that she feels that she is not really loved when all the man does is to continually ask for favor’s and ask for monies and material things more then he spends time with her.

That is why you hardly see any foreign women with Filipino men. In most foreign countries the man is the number one bread winner and provider for his family.

Despite the downfalls that mixed relationships may have you will always find that most foreigners will say is that Boholano people are friendly and are worth it to keep on coming back here for.

Tourism investments and looking for love property
September 21, 2008

If you have read this far along with my column you must want to be a Bohol entrepreneur?

Before I discuss about what I label as “Love Property” let me reel off further projects or investments that might be suited to your likes;  Panglao Island Estates- has such Investment Opportunities in building integrated beach resorts, Hotels, Spas, Marina, Dive Shops, Crafts Village, and other tourism related facilities, what about making a retirement care home.

Bohol Northeastern Industrial Corridor - Ship breaking facilities and ship yards, Light manufacturing, Roll on-Roll off (Roro) facility, Agriculture for tourism consumption Etc.

It’s becoming more traditional now a days to see many Filipina searching for a foreign man and vise versa who could help her/him in having greener pastures and she can also help him in buying property by putting it into her name once they are married and he is a permanent resident in the Philippines.

Most of the time the sole intention for the two in the first place is too meet then get married and buy property and eventually develop it into a business.

This is greater a benefit for the Filipina women than it is for the foreigner man because the property has to be put into her name by law.

So if her foreigner man ends up separating, divorcing, or becomes terminated she is a big winner as the property owner in the beginning up to the very end is hers.

I have spoken with Filipina and Foreign friends about this and most of the time I tend to lean away from it.

Terminating a relationship or a marriage is not much fun and the worst part is fighting over who gets custody of properties and children.

As times speed up faster now a days so does everything else. I often feel like an ethnical marriage counselor trying to console my foreigner friends when they are in a difficult relationship situation with Filipino persons.

I can not help myself to say to them things they did not know about or things they do not want to hear.

Most foreigners who travel know what they like as far as being comforted with affordable style.

Not only does the couple make a business but they are able to create a livelihood good for themselves and for people who would not normally have work if the foreigner would not invest with land at all.

Bottom line advices in order to keep afloat get married for love and the care of one another not just for greed and profit.

Know the culture and the different countries laws regarding property and investments before you end up sunk into debt on any foreign country.

Tourism and investing in Bohol
September 14, 2008

Last week I started a short series regarding tourism and investments ideas along with opportunities that should take place in Bohol in preparation of the international Panglao Airport before it opens.

I should mention first of all the gratitude shared to me by the Mayor of Danao, Bohol for talking about his projects on tourism that combine the natural composting of his forests that will keep the area both healthy while producing lumber and natural fertilizer at the same time.

There is also green house food growing for keeping up with the tourist demand and consumption.

Let’s face it I love Danao and its beauty with the great opportunity that people when coming here to Bohol have something just as nice to look forward too as they can take in big deep breaths of fresh air while they enjoy exploring inside of Danao’s historical sights and can also take in the activities alongside its canyon.

The real truth of the matter, is that Bohol is simply having more to offer other than just its Panglao beaches and its triangle that includes activities such as scuba diving, whale watching, and fishing.

Bohol for its small size has a lot to offer, a lot to see, and a lot to do if you are one who truly enjoys the outdoors.

With more expected tourist coming here daily and with the airport to open its doors pretty soon, people should come and check out this small island and ponder at the business opportunities that are just jumping as well waiting to happen, have some opportunist to take a grab at what will be a fun business that will cater to the tourism industry here.

New business’s should include more added lodging, restaurants that serve foods that are reasonable in price and mouth watering in taste and quality served alongside with a bright and pleasing personality which is always a nice welcome for tourism comfort and affordability.

If you do not want to tie in directly with the tourism business there are other investments ideas to venture into.

I posted my email for readers last week to respond to my series on tourism and investment, I was given a lot of input on good investment ideas and had the opportunity to meet up with foreign investors and Filipino investors who are planning to set up business here.

One group of business persons are waiting on a helicopter unit from the United States to arrive into Bohol that will be offering island sight seeing tours according to their marketing executive Cheryl Salazar.

One gentleman from the country of Austria is planting 5.000 acres high up on the mountains in Bohol of a plant named “Jatropha” and it is being used when it becomes mature for bio-fuel in cooperation with the PETROGREEN (Oil Commodity Holding, Inc.) based in Cebu.

A foreigner man (Bloke) who hails from Europe married with a Filipina, was able to purchase a property at Alona beach recently and is currently having his bar establishment under construction.

I have always had the strong belief that if you want to make a business, make sure it is one you know how to operate and one that you have knowledge with as well.

Here are some ideas to get you started in what it is that will row your boat ashore in making a business in Bohol.

Tourism-Entertainment establishments, some tourist coming here say; “It is boring because no nightly shows to enjoy not enough nightly entertainment.”

Retirement Villages, specialty health clinics, Nature or amusement parks, Golf courses, etc.

•Agri-Business-Commercail forests and orchards farming (lumber) (Banana/Coconut Plantations).
•Marine fish food processing plants etc.
•IT Services- Manpower training facility, Legal and financial engineering and architectural services, etc.
•Light Manufacturing-Precision assembly/semi conductors,
•Garment making, and farm implements.
•Services-Financial, engineering, and architectural services, training and sports outlet facilities, etc.
•Energy-Development of Indigenous/Renewable Power Source and Power Generation, transmission.

Next week I would like to finish the second part of Bohol Tourism/Investment topic and begin talking about Ethnical/Cultural approach on meeting and dating people here in Bohol if you are a foreigner or Filipino.

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Boy Luzon - Loon
Lando Aparece - Sierra-Bullones
Y-Not Deloso - Anda
Admi Valmores - Talibon
Jingle Tripoli - Tubigon

Rey Anthony Chiu - PIA
Gregorio Tavera - Jagna LGU
Fiel Angelie Gabin - Tagbilaran City LGU
Nestor Daarol
Bruce Zabala - PGMA

Rey Dalay - Editorial
Edward Guyano - Kay Ngano Kaha? (K na K)
Rey Anthony Chiu - Kon Ako'y Pangutan-on
Lando Aparece - Tsk Tsk Tsk
Jingle Tripoli - Lihok Kabataan
Priscilla Richards - East Meets West
Y-Not Deloso - Nganong Dili?
Tor Telin - In My Opinion
Rammel Cagulada - Coop Pesos
Admi Valmores - Igo Na
Carmen Caga - Yayay!

Y-Not Deloso
Edward Guyano
Roger Sarausa
Frank Iyog
Nestor Daarol

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