USAID conducts 2-day seminar on OFW and Anti Trafficking in Persons
DepEd launches Brigada Eskwela '08, Computer turnover rites

8th Bohol Ballet Dance Studio recital

Bohol SK Pop Idol '08 winners

It's no longer the Hotel BDRC without prisoner luxuries

Pensioners Please Be Advised!

USAID conducts 2-day seminar on OFW and Anti Trafficking in Persons
By: Priscilla Richards
June 8, 2008

Participants of the 2-day OFW and Anti-Trafficking in Persons seminar held at Soledad Suites, Tagbilaran City. (Priscilla Richards)

Some transit drivers and owners of public transportation stated this week in a two day seminar said that it is hard exactly to identify those persons who ride the transit systems as to who are those persons that are being illegally transported, to other destinations and being used for illegal purposes.

During a USAIDS seminar and briefing held this past week at Soledad suites given by Anne Fox who represents the USAID office in Makati City.

The two day briefing and seminar was attended by workers of Coca Cola, Bohol Tourism Office, along with child and social workers, and the Philippines provincial women’s and children’s police desk.

The two day seminar covered the topic of R.A. 9208 “Anti Trafficking Act of 2003”. The two day event also focused on Illegal Acts of job hiring by illegal recruiters, and discussed on how to handle and fill out forms of persons who are victims in such activity.

It was also suggested by one member of the media who was present for the two day seminar that at all ports of entry there should be a sign posted or flyers handed out to tourist who do not know the laws when it comes to dating women here or handed out to those persons who may want the hiring of Philippines persons by means of an illegal recruiting company.

Many foreigner men coming to the island often do not know what the laws are when it comes to dating women who might be under age.

They will come here to live and end up becoming domesticated and have helpers working for them and these foreigners should be guided as in how to conduct and treat the domestic help as mentioned as concerns by some who attended the seminar.

The tourism department for Bohol liked the suggestion and at the end of the first day’s seminar was seen trying to ask the PNP personal who attended on what things should be included of such an information sheet.

What is Trafficking in Persons?

Trafficking in Persons is an illegal act and is considered a violation of human rights and inimical to human dignity and national development.

It includes the following: Recruitment, transportation, or transfer of harboring or receipt of person;

If it is done with or without the persons consent or knowledge; It is done within or across national boundaries;

If it is committed by means of threat, or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or position, giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having actual control over another person; and if it is done for the purpose of exploitation such as sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery, and removal or sale of organs or other similar acts.

What are the three categories of Trafficking in Persons (TIP)?
1.) Acts of trafficking in persons.
2.) Acts that promote trafficking in persons.
3.) Qualified trafficking in persons.

During the OFW portion of the discussion forms were presented to participants and they were instructed on how to fill out forms against the victims in either act.

A newspaper leaflet was included in the packet given to the participants during the seminar and it included legal recruiting agencies affiliated with POEA Department.

DepEd launches Brigada Eskwela '08, Computer turnover rites
By: Gregorio Tavera / Maureen Morascallo
June 8, 2008

TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL: DEpEd-Jagna, in the brink of preparations for SY 2008-2009, formally launched Brigada Eskwela 2008 (top right) on Monday. On the same day, the teachers who took up basic computer lessons (top left) also received their certificates of training using the 25 sets of new computers donated by former 3rd Dist. Cong. Eladio Jala (right) at the Jagna Central Elementary Multi-Purpose Hall. (Tony Ranque)

Jagna - Considered as a significant intervention activity in the schools’ physical faciulities management, Brigada Eskwela 2008 was launched here on June 2 by Department of Education (DepEd) officials and teachers at the Jagna Central Elemntary School ground.

This was spearheaded by the tandem of the youthful and energetic schools district coordinating principal Mrs. Delfina Olaa and Jagna Central Elementary School Principal Mrs. Thelma Jalop.

The affair was truly a meaningful event as the whole teaching force of the district and the people in the private sector like the People’s Organization (POs), the Local Government Unit (LGU), the Federation of Parent-Teacher Association (FPTA) and the community were involved.

Although the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Elpidio Jala, Ph.D. wasn’t able to attend the occasion due to conflict of time, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Maria Lina Namocatcat took his place.

Together in attendance were division executive officers Ernesto Calamba, Mrs. Sonia Flor Kapirig and Mrs. Tarcisia Quilatan and Florencio Talan, the Division Brigada Eskwela Coordinator.

DepEd officials in the higher echelons included Dr. Vivian Yarte, the Regional Supervisor in the alternative Learning System (ALS) with her Division counterpart Mrs. Generosa Landagan.

The group that visited here were on their provincewide task force caravan in support of this massive voluntary action now institutionalized by DepEd.

It was learned that one of the underlying interests on this particular innovative measure embarked by the school is the preparation of the classrooms, teaching materials and devises and other physical facilities for ready use in the opening of classes that would spell the attainment of quality education.

Meanwhile, former 3rd District of Bohol Congressman Eladio “Boy” Jala, the generous donor of the 25 sets of computer was present to personally turn-over the equipments.

“These sets of computer are all brand new... to include the printer machines which are of durable quality."

"I encouraged the teachers to use these equipments for your pupils’ benefits…after all these are not for the teachers but for the learners themselves. Please take good care of these,” said Atty. Boy Jala.

8th Bohol Ballet Dance Studio recital
By: Jerome Fiel Gabin
June 8, 2008

After the month-long classes at the studio along Belderol Street, the students of Bohol Ballet Dance Studio (BBDS) showed their entertaining repertoire during the dance recital held recently at the MetroCetre Hotel.

Dr. Arlene Uy, BBDS director, welcomed the parents and guests who came to view the dance presentations of the 3 groups composed of:

Maria Theresa Bolonghita, Margaret Victoria Sandidge, Andrea Nicole A. Stevens, Vivienne Kyla G. Abad, Vivienne Kylie G. Abad, Vinessa Kathleen G. Abad, Katrina Deloso Vito, Jemimah Shinani K. Tac-an, Amie Margaret Nazareno, Frances Lauren Ceballos, Cyreen Cabahug and Nicole Keanna Apsay (Group 1);

Fejay Louise Crerier, Claire C. Hongayo, Erin Kate Javellana, Calista Venus F. Williams, Sophia Nicole L. Lim, Angela Mari Lechago, Ilia Ramiro Tirol and Seika Matsuura (Group 2);

Group 3 - Hazel Pioquinto, AJ Wincielou Johanna Araoarao Gabin, Danielle Mae Autentico Floresca, Kyle Kimberlet Wayne C. Anobling, Marneth Amber J. Uy, Mariane Ashley J. Uy and Nicole Kimberly Apsay (Group 3).

During the recital, Louanna Sabellano Castañares, Physical Education teacher of the University of San Jose – Recoletos who facilitated the summer workshop, also performed together with the members of Cebu City-based San Diego Dance Troupe, aside from the ballet, Hawaiian, Tahitian and modern dance numbers of the participants.

Bohol SK Pop Idol '08 winners
By: Hope Lomotos / Vernel Sendrijas (foto)
June 8, 2008

One of the highlights of the Bohol Youth Week celebration for this year, the Bohol SK Pop Idol once again gathered the most talented youth in the field of singing coming from different municipalities of the province for the grand finals held at the Island City Mall Activity Center.

Tubigon’s Mary Grace Torreon belted Regine Velasquez’ version of “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” which won for her the top prize.

Regine Gamutan of Valencia who sang Whitney Houston’s hit “I Have Nothing” got second place, while Maria Cielo Angelie Cajes, the newly-crowned “Mutya sa Trinidad,” who rendered her interpretation of “Stand Up for Love” placed third.

Board Member Jane Censoria Del Rosario Cajes (extreme right), Bohol Sangguniang Kabataan Federation president, awarded the prizes to the winners assisted by the judges - Nova Jean P. Malolot, Fiel Angeli E. Araoarao – Gabin and Engr. Alexis Geral M. Balista.

Other contestants were Leonila Hinampas (Candijay), Roanne Marie Vallota (loay), Sarah Jane Olaivar (Guindulman), Dexter Ladaga (Garcia-Hernandez), Melody Rafols (Alicia), Al Francis Tamsi (Loon), and Mabel Enoraba.

It’s no longer the Hotel BDRC without prisoner luxuries
By: Priscilla Richards
June 8, 2008

Just like the popular song made famous by the Eagles group “Welcome to the Hotel California”, the prisoners who are now being contained and held at the Bohol Detention and Rehabilitation Center (BDRC) are no longer enjoying as if they are guest in the Hotel BDRC.

Prisoners can no longer check in any time that they want at Hotel BDRC bringing their contraband along with them that includes such items as heaters, Tanduay Rum, scissors, cell phones, and car stereos, aluminum sticks, improvised knives, numerous disposable shavers, and the list went on and on including nail cutters, rope and electric cords.

Eight television sets and refrigerators along with other bulky items until now remain in the custody of the BDRC.

Likewise at the place or Cobol near the kitchen where Nilo Corbita was found dead, the following items were found: .38 revolvers without SN, six (6) unfired cartridges for cal. 38 revolver, Bladed Weapons (knifes, improvised knives), Illegal numbers games paraphernalia (tally sheets etc), One empty shell for cal, 5.56 mm, and one deformed metal object believed to be a slug was recovered in the under chin of Nilo Corbita during inquest examination.

Friday morning’s Governor’s Report revealed documented items of prisoner’s personal affects and contraband.

During the governor’s report most of the media members present were given the itemized list of documents signed by PINSP John Gelbert S. Basalo.

Among one of the questions made by this writer is that there should be a more thorough background check when hiring of prisoner workers, as mentioned during the report, one employee previously jumped ship while working on board M/V Ken Shin and manned by Matagumpay Shipping Lines known as Western Shipping Management located in Sta. Cruz Manila.

He was stripped of being unable to sail abroad again. It was also discussed on how things were being brought into the prisons possibly by friends or family members who would bring personal affects into the prison sight and things were not being examined before handed to the prisoners.

Inking stated that the prison was ran in a lax state before and from there bad management habits have gotten out of hand at the cost of one mans incarcerated life.

Pensioners Please Be Advised!

“Oh oh oh oh oh! I have just been swindled from my pension money! This was the real moans muttered by an elderly woman as she went running inside of a local downtown coffee house last Monday.

She was truly upset until no end and kept on ranting on about how her husband was passed away and it was both her and her late husband’s money that was suckered away from her a real swindler indeed who has been seen prying around on pensioner persons once they get their pension money from the ATM machine, they are not aware of being followed by such suspects who are cold hearted bastards against prying on the sick and the elderly.

(In my heart and mind this type of person who takes advantage on the sick and the elderly should be castrated!)

I was wondering why the employees of the establishment did not offer the elderly woman any assistance to have helped in calming her down.

They just only watched her suffer in her emotional distraught of being just robbed of all her money.

In fact they laughed as if she was crazy and were not sure if they should believe her or not? She had no money remaining for a fare back to her home place in Jagna.

If I was an employee I would have sat her down consoled her as the place was not having but two customers at the time, and offered her a glass of water and ask her to relax and offered to call the police to come and make a report about her incident.

Tuesday early in the afternoon I was at the Tagbilaran City Police Station trying to get other information and again another victim having GSIS cash was robbed of three GSIS pensions of three of her elderly relatives who are ranging in 70 plus years all the way up to almost 90 years old.

The victim had the money inside of her purse inside of a smaller zippered bag that contained ID and around P14.000-15.000 cash inside of it.

The victim is an employee with the Municipality of Ubay she had her toddler aged daughter with her who was trying to console her tearful mother at the time.

She told the police men on charge that she was the trusted one in the family to come into Tagbilaran City to collect her elder family members pension and buy their medications while in the city.

This lady victim had around P100.00 to travel back to Ubay on and no money remaining to buy the needed medicines for her mom, grandmother, and an aunt who were at home waiting for her return.

I was able to hand her some cash for her fare back home and I was also able to talk to her about the event that had taken place.

She mentioned some store names where she was and that she heard a guy asking about a wrench once she noticed the cash bag inside her purse was missing?

I had followed up her story at the two stores that she mentioned which were UNITOP and NOVU.

The management pointed out security cameras and said that they have people monitoring the cameras always.

When they played the video back from that time the victim was inside the store he says that there was no one near to her purse.

He did mention how he has noticed the work being done by suspects who are seen following persons from the ATM machines and once they enter inside the store they find an inconspicuous time opportunity to pick pocket.

The suspects who are normally a man and a woman pair in which one of them is carrying a folder and once the suspect has been looted of their cash and goods the suspects put the items inside of the folder to look less conspicuous.

At the NOVU store I talked with the one on duty security guard and the on sight management together.

I had noticed that there were not any security cameras or any plain clothes security scanning the stores perimeters?

The owners are in China and are rarely here according the on sight manager. I asked her to check into getting a better security system to help protect the store employees and its customers as well.

She was some what hesitant to ask the stores owners when I mentioned that I would follow up on what type of security up grade that she planned to inquire on them about.

UNITOP on the other hand has both uniformed and none uniformed security all over the store and also has security cameras through out the store.

The suspect file has many pictures of persons being sought for habitually robbing persons who are elderly or disadvantaged.

Is there another way for these persons to get their monies safely?